More Than Wine

Church Street Wine Shoppe is more than wine! We also have amazing artwork on display throughout the shoppe that is available for purchase, along with locally made goods and wine accessories. Wine glass charms, bottle stoppers, coasters, or glass holders are the perfect mementos of your trip to Church Street Wine Shoppe to take home with you. For more information on the artists and their work, see below!

Bob Hovde : Bob and his wife, Sandy, traveled around the country with the Air Force for 27 years. During this time, Bob did woodworking as a hobby. When they finally settled in Huntsville in the mid-1990’s, he discovered the many varieties of hardwoods in the area were perfect materials for woodturning. He now specializes in creating one-of-a-kind turnings and sculptures using wood from local trees. Bob produces amazing wine bottle stoppers & wooden and cork hot plates that are available at Church Street Wine Shoppe.

Woodtech : This local company saw the potential market in combining digital printing capabilities with fine woodworking to create unique, customizable products. In early 2014 Woodtech began, a new division within their parent company Datatek. Their showroom is located in the middle of downtown Huntsville, AL within the Clinton Row Project. For more information on their products and services click here to visit their website.  They have created stunning custom flight trays, hanging wine glass holders, & beverage carriers for Church Street Wine Shoppe, that are available for purchase. 

Engraved Glasses: Enjoy your favorite wine in glasses engraved with the names of your favorite Alabama rivalry teams. These glasses feature “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” and are perfect for the Alabama and Auburn fans in your life! 

Painted Glasses: These beautiful wine glasses were hand painted by local artist Valerie Shippers. They are fun, unique and dishwasher safe! Choose from a variety of different styles and colors to find glasses that pair perfectly with your favorite vino.

Albarello Soap : Unlike traditional, perfumed hand soaps, Albarello Luxury Hand Soap is free of fragrances that interfere with the senses. By using Albarello for hand washing, you can savor a wine’s true, delicate aromas for an unimpeded wine tasting experience. Ingredients are distilled water, pure olive oil, pure avocado oil, and potassium hydroxide. For more about Albarello Soap click here to visit their website.