Wine Love... or is it Wine AND Love?

Featured in Just for Women Magazine

Who doesn’t love a smooth glass of wine after a long day? That moment when you can finally sit down and relax with you favorite red or white wine is something we all look forward to, and it doesn’t hurt that health experts even encourage us to have a glass to reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease. But there’s yet another, lesser-known reason to indulge in some bubbly at the end of the night: love.

A study of over 1,500 couple in the Daily Mail revealed that those who share a bottle of their favorite vino together reported much higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships. In fact, just doing so once per week resulted in a 300% increase in men’s happiness and a whopping 400% increase in women’s happiness!

After a non-stop day, a glass of wine lets you finally unwind and let go of tension, so it’s not a surprise that sharing that with your spouse promotes a better relationship. It gives you a very valuable opportunity to relax and simply focus on each other without worrying about those everyday issues that take up so much of our time. Drinking wine can make us more comfortable and even a little chattier, encouraging us to talk about our jobs, ourselves, and even our relationships. By sharing this moment with your spouse, that time of night not only becomes a stress reliever, but an opportunity to bond with your partner and continue cultivating your relationship. Even better: Let that bottle linger over the week and spend an hour a night with your special someone and your favorite vino. Over time, this can become something you both look forward to not only because you get to spend time with a great Merlot, but because you also get to spend time together.

So come by Church Street Wine Shoppe today to find the perfect bottle for you and your sweetie to share, and start making every night date night!

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