The Perfect Pair

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Valentine’s Day – the perfect time to forget about your New Year’s resolutions and indulge in a tall glass of wine and a box of chocolate!  But if you want to impress your significant other on this lovely holiday, make sure you’re picking the right vino to go with your favorite confections.

If you plan on treating yourself to some milk chocolate (including any with a delicious caramel filling), pair it with sherry, aged Port, or Muscat. If you’d prefer something a little more dry, try your dessert with a Shiraz like Stump Jump to offset some of the sweetness.

Because of its extremely strong flavor, dark chocolate pairs best with very bold wines like Port, Vin Santo, or a late harvest Zinfandel. The concentrated fruit flavors in these wines offset the intense taste of the chocolate, and the cocoa butter helps decrease any dryness in the wine. If you’re going extra dark, try it with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or Malbec. We like Napa Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon best!

Most chocolate is best paired with red wine, so if you’re a white wine drinker it’s best that you stick to white chocolate. This sweet snack isn’t technically chocolate at all (it’s really made of cocoa butter), but pairs best with dessert wines like ice wine or bubblies like Moscato and Champagne. The high sugar content of this delicious imposter needs a likeminded wine that can stand up to its sweetness.

If you’d like something a little different, grab some mint-flavored chocolate and a great Zinfandel, or a bar of chili chocolate and an earthy Pinot Noir. It’s important to remember to match the flavors in the wine to the flavors in the chocolate for the best pairing results, which is why fruit crèmes work best with a sparkling rosé like Rotari!

So come by Church Street Wine Shoppe before Valentine’s Day to let us help you pick the perfect wine for your after-dinner indulgence. Better yet, grab your date and join us at the Shoppe to try our delicious Merlot-infused brownie and a perfectly paired glass of red!

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