Home is Where the Pinot Is

Featured in Just for Women Magazine

As a transplant myself, I long for the familiar. I miss that one neighbor who always waved to me as I would drive down my block. I miss my favorite Italian restaurant; they knew exactly how I liked pizza – extra crispy! And I miss my favorite Pinot Noir from my local wine bar, you know the one that isn’t too dry, perfectly balanced, smooth from the beginning with a finish that lingers nicely. As I close my eyes I can almost taste the ripe raspberries and strawberries, full and rich on the palate. That amazing Pinot Noir that reminds me of my best friend’s wedding where I spent the night dancing till I had to kick off my shoes. Or maybe it was the Pinot I had that time at the beach, watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen? Heck, maybe at the end of the day I just really miss my Pinot Noir!

Wine. What a wonderful concoction of flavors and memories – one sip can transport you almost anywhere. What is it about a handful of perfectly cultivated grapes, aged and bottled, that makes me smile? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I have figured out home isn’t where I’ve been, but where my favorite Pinot is.

My home is here in Huntsville, Alabama – a wonderful city where I can always order up a delectable glass of happiness, a glass of comfort. Maybe it’s really just a little glass of home sweet home.

And who knows – maybe soon you’ll find that Huntsville is where you belong, and that’s pretty cool too. You will meet new neighbors, find your new favorite wine shoppe, and maybe order a glass of Merlot and start making new memories.

Awesome wine shop! Great ownership and staff!

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