Wine Club FAQ and Guidelines


** If you are looking to be a new member – please go to and click the option at the bottom of the page to sign up to become a Valley Wine Club Member. You must submit a request, be approved, and pay your membership in full before you can sign up or attend a meeting. Membership is $189.00 per person plus tax for one year of membership – there is no discount for couples or family memberships**


You will need to create an account on our website –

You will need this account on the site to sign up for your meeting via our ‘events’ page.

If you do not have an account yet, click HERE to sign up.

If you and your spouse plan on using the same email address, you may sign up with one account so long as you add both names to the “first name” box.

If you are using separate email addresses, please create two separate accounts.



Please sign up for meetings online via our website’s event page. You must sign up ahead of time in order to reserve your seat. Please do not show up to a meeting without having confirmed your date ahead of time. This ensures that we will have enough seats, wine, and food bites for everyone attending.

To sign up for a meeting, visit our events page at –

You will see a list of all our current events, including wine club meetings.

Once you know the date you would like to attend, click the “get tickets” button beside your date.

If you are already logged in to the site, your information will populate in the appropriate fields automatically.

Please verify your information, type in your wine club number, and select the number of seats you’d like to reserve.

If you are reserving for yourself and a spouse under the same account, please select two spaces.

If your spouse has a different account than you, please only reserve one space – your spouse must book separately.

The number of spaces you reserve should include any guest you plan on bringing. If your reservation includes a guest, please make a note of this in the comments section of the booking.

If you would like to sit with a specific person or persons, please note this in the comments box and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Once you are finished with the form, click the button at the bottom to submit your request. Remain on the same page while your request is processed, and once it has been sent in you will see a “success” message in green. If you do not see this then your request may not have gone through.

Your booking request must be approved by an administrator. This is to ensure that only Wine Club members are able to attend meetings and to ensure that any requested guest bookings are valid.

You will receive a confirmation email once your booking has been approved. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 2 business days, your reservation may not be saved or there may be a problem with your booking. Please email us to inquire about it

Important: If you cannot make it to a meeting that you put in a reservation to attend, please let us know 48 hours prior to your event date if possible as we have allocated space and food for your reservation. If we do not receive at least 48 hours notice of your cancellation or if you do not show up to a booked meeting without any notice, you will not be able to rebook another meeting for that month.



We will give you several dates to chose from, but Wine Club members can only attend one meeting per month.

Meeting days consist of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and the occasional Wednesday.

You will receive an email blast from CSWS the month prior alerting you to the meeting dates for the following month. That email will include instructions on how to sign up for a meeting online.



The Wine Club email blast will also advise members regarding the meeting that the guest speaker will attend. (Please note occasionally we will have a guest speaker for two nights depending on their travel plans.)

It is our goal to have a guest speaker every month, but this isn’t always possible. We guarantee a guest speaker every quarter and members are guaranteed to attend a meeting with the guest speaker once per quarter. You may sign up to see the guest speaker on any given month, but if that meeting fills up and you have seen the speaker in the past three months, you may be asked to reschedule your meeting day. This is to ensure every member has the same chance to see a guest speaker. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.



Wine Club members get one guest pass per year of membership.

If your guest joins the Wine Club after attending the meeting, you will get your guest pass back to use again that year.

If your guest does not join the Wine Club after attending, then your guest pass is ‘used’ and you cannot bring another guest to a meeting for the rest of your membership term. There is no option for guests to attend and pay per meeting.

If you cannot attend a meeting, a guest cannot go in your place (see above guidelines for guest). There are no substitutions for memberships.


You will come in to the Shoppe and see tables set up for a sit-down style wine tasting. We will serve five tastings of wine perfectly paired with waiter-served small food bites. While you are enjoying the tastings of wine & food, a speaker will present the wine and give details about the selection, tasting profiles, and wine house you are enjoying. There will also be time for you to mingle with those at your table between tastings.

The tables are set up as a first come first serve basis. If you would like to sit with a specific person or persons, please let us know when you make your reservation online and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our ample wine list menu will be available to everyone at the beginning and end of each meeting, and we encourage you to start your tasting off with your favorite Church Street Wine Shoppe selection.

Occasionally, but not always, we will offer the evening’s wines by the glass at the end of the meeting.

ALL wines tasted are available for sale by the bottle at the end of the meeting. As we are always looking for unique or exclusive wines, we may not stock these wines or have them available after the month of tasting, and so purchasing bottles at Wine Club is encouraged.

– There are no food substitutions at Wine Club
– Wine Club is a pre-selected menu and we are not responsible for food allergies/preferences. If you have a food allergy please tell us ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate it, but we cannot guarantee anything and our kitchen is not free from cross-contamination.



  • 5% off wine purchases throughout the year (10% off for cases) – This includes by the glass wine purchases, as well as bottle purchases.
  • Reduced corkage fee from $15.00 to $5.00 on bottles over $20
  • Opportunity to attend a meeting with a guest speaker – winemaker, vineyard owner, or wine educator – once per quarter
  • Early invites with first opportunity for a reservation to all Church Street Wine Shoppe’s events, as well as our exclusive events open solely to Wine Club members
  • Opportunity for private beer tasting events once per quarter for a discounted price
  •  NO mandatory bottle sales or minimums required!


If you have any questions regarding Wine Club or the guidelines states above, please email us at